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No matter what your situation you can trust the TMartists photographers surpass your expectations. We are perfectionists and aren't happy until you are!
Please contact Michael Carpenter at or 520-481-8321 for a "no pressure" consultation. We strive to  exceed your expectations and  provide a fun and memorable experience while capturing a great image!



Head Shot - $200.00

You will get a great Head Shot to use for your social media accounts, company brochures or to frame and hang. We do not set a time limit. Just relax and know you are going to end up with something fantastic.
Retouching included.


Real Estate - $250.00

Walk through photos emphasizing the great layout, structure and finishes of the space while at the same time minimizing less attractive points.
Includes the number of photos allowed on the MLS listing service.
Retouching included.


Ala Carte Menu

Camera time: $200/hour.
Reasonable travel time included.

Retouching: $30/image.
Color and exposure corrected along with minor blemish elimination.


Clothing, hairstyle and makeup matter!

But what should you wear, how should you do your hair and how much makeup should you use? The answer is more simple than you may have imagined. Arrive looking as you do when you meet clients, after all that is what you are striving for in the first place.

Solid colors (no distracting patterns) which contrast with your skin tone are best. Darker colors will make your eyes and face stand out which is what we want to highlight. Avoid blacks and whites as they do not lend themselves to drawing detail out in photos. You should have 3 to choose from for the shoot. You should bring things you feel great in. If you are having a full portrait done wear sleeves. Your clothing should be free of wrinkles and fresh. Don't forget seatbelts leave wrinkles.

Leave it at home. Unless you have a signature piece which you are known for. The photo is about you and jewelry can be distracting.

Well kempt to put it simply. Once again you should be as clients normally see you. If you wear your hair in a bun or pony tail at work, don't come with your hair past your shoulders and curled. Be authentic to yourself and how you normally look for business.

This is a photo of you, not your makeup skills and it's not a glamour session. You want to appear as natural as possible. If you have a blemish on the day of the shoot, don't worry - it will be photoshopped out however we are not going to make you look plastic.



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